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12/11/2014    Tax planning for 2014 - finally some answers

10/29/2014    Changes coming to common rodent poison

EPA moves to protect wildlife, children and pets from accidental poisonings (more)
10/29/2014    New app gives animal abuse witnesses a way to assist law enforcement

10/8/2014    Controlled-drugs disposal options expanded

10/8/2014    Bravo, KONG voluntarily recall products due to contamination concerns

9/24/2014    Saline shortage boosting veterinarians' fluid costs

9/24/2014    Hydrocodone-containing products set to become Schedule II drugs on Oct. 6

9/10/2014    FDA targets tear stain remover products for misusing antibiotics

7/29/2014    False story circulating regarding recall of Iams, Eukanuba pet foods

7/9/2014    Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy a promising treatment for dogs with enlarged prostates

6/26/2014    UGA improving feline kidney transplant outcomes with adult stem cells

6/26/2014    Case studies by veterinarians aid jerky investigation

5/28/2014    CDC finds increase in questionable rabies vaccination documentation

5/28/2014    Humans and animals share MRSA strain

5/28/2014    American Heartworm Society releases new heartworm incidence map

Georgia in top 10 (more)
5/7/2014    Giants in animal care getting bigger

5/7/2014    USDA looking to simplify animal vaccine labels with new proposed rule

4/23/2014    Infectious disease on the rise in dogs and cats, Banfield reports

4/22/2014    USDA requires reporting of swine virus

4/9/2014    Partners for Healthy Pets gains major exposure on 'Good Morning America Live'

4/9/2014    Veterinary Drug Mobility Act progressing, could get House approval this week

3/26/2014    2013 record breaking year for money spent on pets

2/26/2014    Mislabled syringes recalled by Med-Vet

2/26/2014    Veterinarian battles to give online advice

2/12/2014    Top pet toxins for 2013

2/12/2014    Farm bill becomes law

1/29/2014    U.S. Senate unanimously passes Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

1/28/2014    American Heartworm Society issues revised guidelines

1/8/2014    FDA provides comprehensive resources on extra-label drug use

1/8/2014    Study finds that short dogs are more prone to behavior problems

12/18/2013    AAHA develops new weight management guidelines for dogs and cats

12/18/2013    U.K. researchers searching for explaination to sound-induced seizures in some cats

12/4/2013    Pharmacies asked to use state license numbers to identify veterinarians

12/4/2013    Partners for Healthy Pets reaches new membership milestone

12/4/2013    Dr. Marty Becker severs ties with ABC

11/13/2013    UGA helping FDA investigate illnesses

10/29/2013    FDA asking veterinarians for help with investigating deadly jerky-related illness

10/29/2013    Rule change to hold pet food manufacturers to higher standard

10/16/2013    Veterinary, human medical researchers identify FIV peptide that kills HIV

10/16/2013    Two largest veterinary associations issue joint statement veterianarians' role in health protection

10/1/2013    USDA APHIS workforce minimal during government shutdown

9/24/2013    USDA strengthening federal authority over online pet sales

9/10/2013    Partners for Healthy Pets ads to hit high-profile media outlets

9/10/2013    Pet insurer releases list of top pet accidents in 2012

8/27/2013    Virbac issues expanded recall for Iverhart Plus Flavored Chewables

8/14/2013    CDC tracking salmonella outbreaks due to urban farming

8/14/2013    Veternarians encouraged to observe Check the Chip Day on Aug. 15

7/29/2013    New campaign promotes importance of annual checkups

7/20/2013    GVMA delegate elected to AVMA House Advisory Committee

7/10/2013    Veterinarians urged to be on alert for blue-green algae toxicity

6/12/2013    Study shows genetic disorders in dogs not necessarily linked to breed

6/12/2013    Hypothermia found in over 83 percent of dogs following surgery with anesthesia

6/12/2013    Adequan shortage imminent due to FDA-driven factory renovations

6/10/2013    UGA’s veterinary hospital offers take-home glucose monitors for diabetic pets

4/24/2013    Federal agencies seek input on plan for veterinary oversight of antimicrobial use

4/24/2013    Vetsulin reintroduced to U.S. veterinary market

4/10/2013    Oklahoma OKs horse slaughter for human consumption

4/10/2013    Texas Supreme Court denies emotional damages claim

3/27/2013    Pet foods recalled due to suspected salmonella, aflatoxin contamination

3/13/2013    New study shows significant improvement in cat allergies

1/30/2013    Dog and Cat Sterilization Program restricts veterinary reimbursements

1/30/2013    New rodenticide without antidote alarms pet toxicology experts

EPA regulations may have unintended but dangerous consequences (more)
1/3/2013    Department of Education mandates changes for AVMA Council on Education

Council has one year to comply to retain status as veterinary school accreditor. (more)
1/1/2013    FTC reaches settlement with IDEXX Laboratories

Manufacturer no longer permitted to maintain exclusivity agreements with all top veterinary distributors. (more)
11/28/2012    Post-traumatic stress disorder acknowledged in military dogs

11/1/2012    CA court rules pet owners can sue for more than market value

10/10/2012    AVMA defends health of America's pets at FTC Pet Medication Workshop

9/26/2012    FDA issues draft compliance policy guide for pet nutrition products

9/12/2012    Landmark canine cancer study enrolling veterinarians

8/22/2012    New animal welfare specialty approved for veterinarians

8/8/2012    New options for canine allergies

Drops could replace allergy shots (more)
8/8/2012    Federal veterinary prescription bill dead says AVMA

But bill mandating veterinary prescription writing will most likely be reintroduced next year (more)
7/25/2012    Study: Overuse of deworming drugs led to widespread resistance

7/25/2012    Helping Pets Fund closes

Economy blamed for (more)
7/25/2012    FTC seeks input on pet meds industry

Public workshop next month in Washington, D.C., will explore competition and consumer protection issues (more)
6/27/2012    Pfizer-Zoetis transition shouldn't impact veterinarians, industry expert says

Animal health division to be independent company by July 2013 (more)
6/25/2012    FDA releases chicken jerky treat update

6/12/2012    Franck's issues urgent prescription recall

Recall impacts veterinary and human prescriptions distributed between Nov. 2011 and May 2012 (more)
5/10/2012    Diamond pet food recall linked to human salmonella outbreak

4/25/2012    Veterinary oversight key to new FDA guidelines to limit antimicrobial overuse in food animals

4/25/2012    FDA investigating chicken jerky treats in China

4/11/2012    AVMA warns veterinarians about email fraud

4/11/2012    Salmonella threat causes recall of Diamond Pet Food

3/28/2012    Top 10 Most Common Medical Conditions in Pets

3/14/2012    Dogs may harbor, transmit human norovirus

2/28/2012    Bill to change veterinary licensure removed from consideration

1/24/2012    AAFP announces new cat friendly practice initiative

1/11/2012    Texas court rules pet dog has sentimental value

Reinterprets precedent in light of pets' 'special position' in family (more)
1/11/2012    Novartis temporarily suspends production of Interceptor, Sentinel

1/10/2012    UGA College of Veterinary Medicine to host annual shelter medicine seminar

11/30/2011    FDA urges caution with chicken jerky treats

11/30/2011    Horse slaughter may be back in the U.S.

Congress quietly lifts 5-year-old horse meat inspection ban (more)
11/30/2011    Plaintiff wins $200,000 for fall in Georgia animal clinic

Jury sides with woman who broke leg tripping on large animal scale (more)
10/25/2011    EPA releases response to comments on pet pesticides

8/31/2011    Accreditation renewal deadline set for Oct. 1

8/24/2011    Immiticide shortage update

8/10/2011    FDA approves urinary incontinence drug for dogs

7/27/2011    USDA accreditation training modules available

four new web-based modules can make it easier to renew (more)
7/27/2011    Bayer study reveals gaps in perception of veterinary care between veterinarians and pet owners

Study to be presented at GVMA 2011 Fall Convention November 4 (more)
7/27/2011    Veterinary groups form broad coalition to jumpstart visits to veterinarians

7/13/2011    Nationwide pet insurer reveals most costly claims

6/29/2011    EPA to ban some rodenticides

move could help prevent one of the most frequent causes of pet poisoning (more)
6/29/2011    Georgia high on new heartworm incidence report from American Heartworm Society

6/14/2011    Top selling human prescriptions and their dangers to pets

The human drugs most ingested by pets and their complications are revealed. (more)
6/14/2011    USDA concerned about improper vaccine use

4/27/2011    UGA study reveals breed-specific causes of death in dogs

A comprehensive look at causes of death in more than 80 breeds (more)
4/27/2011    Delta Air Lines bans bulldogs due to health concerns

Half of all dogs that died on commercial flights from 2005 to 2009 were short-nosed breeds (more)
4/13/2011    Study sheds light on medication buying behavior

sales of flea/tick and heartworm products decline in veterinary practices (more)
3/29/2011    Some phenobarbital tablets may be mislabeled, FDA warns

Tablets may actually be hydrocodone tartrate and acetaminophen (more)
3/29/2011    Mass bird deaths in Arkansas explained

As many as 5,000 red-winged blackbirds died of blunt force trauma (more)
3/9/2011    Two foreign veterinary colleges gain AVMA accreditation

2/22/2011    FDA given more authority over recalls, records, imports

Law could be "the most substantial food safety law of the past 100 years." (more)
2/9/2011    AVMA survey shows salaries up for companion animal veterinarians

2/9/2011    Economic commission shows how to increase veterinary visits

1/27/2011    UGA veterinary students to host benefit auction Feb. 12

Donation items needed for live and silent auction (more)
1/26/2011    Study shows decline in veterinary visits

Six factors identified for decrease in visits (more)
1/26/2011    Heartworm preventive efficacy study shows surprising results

Only one preventive found to be 100 percent effective against Dirofilaria immitis strain. (more)
1/11/2011    Bella, Max, Charlie top list of 2010 pet names

12/14/2010    Congress exempts veterinarians from Red Flags Rule

Amendments passed by congress awaits President Obama's signature. (more)
12/14/2010    DEA proposes listing propofol as schedule IV drug

comments accepted until December 27 (more)
11/23/2010    Veterinary economics commission loses support

National Commission on Veterinary Economic Issues is regrouping after a loss of support from the American Animal Hospital Association (more)
11/22/2010    Unique, free online CE opportunity available from GVMA

GVMA partners with Abbott Animal Health for new online CE effort (more)
10/27/2010    Africanized Honeybees found in Georgia

Bees responsible for death of elderly man in Dougherty county (more)
10/27/2010    APHIS steps up enforcement, transparency of animal welfare cases

10/13/2010    FDA warns pet owners of risks of Internet pharmacies

FDA consumer alert outlines vital role veterinarians play in evaluating the need, use and safe dosages of veterinary drugs for dogs and cats (more)
10/13/2010    USDA-APHIS proposes to eliminate some tuberculosis, brucellosis testing in livestock

USDA-APHIS seeks public comment on livestock exportation regulations (more)
10/13/2010    Vitamin D toxicity associated with Blue Buffalo dog food, recall issued

16 dogs with hypercalcemia also had high concentrations of vitamin D in their blood and ate a diet of Blue Buffalo's Wilderness Chicken dog food (more)
9/20/2010    Get World Rabies Day information and promotional materials here

The Georgia Division of Public Health needs your help to end rabies in Georgia (more)
8/23/2010    Professional Veterinary Products files for bankruptcy

the nation’s only veterinarian-owned distributor in the animal health industry, has filed for bankruptcy protection (more)
8/11/2010    Veterinary legislators propose 2011 as World Veterinary Year

date honors 250th anniversary of the establishment of the first veterinary college (more)
7/28/2010    Animal diseases could offer clues to cancer in humans

Connection between an animal disease and human cancers could lead to effective cancer therapies (more)
7/28/2010    Can you guess the top pet poisoning culprits?

Click the link below for the top pet poisoning sources in the last five years. (more)
7/28/2010    Federal legislation could improve veterinary services in underserved areas

Bill would make the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Program (VMLRP) tax-exempt for veterinarians. (more)
7/27/2010    Diabetes monitoring device for humans also effective in dogs

Device provides a detailed glucose picture over several days (more)
7/14/2010    AAHA develops nutritional assessment guidelines for dogs and cats

guidelines help veterinarians and team members properly assess and explain to clients the need for therapeutic diets (more)
6/30/2010    FDA seeks comment on proposed guidelines for judicious use of antimicrobials

Draft guidance is intended to help reduce the development of resistance to medically important antimicrobial drugs used in food-producing animals (more)
6/30/2010    USDA seeks volunteers to select loan repayment recipients

Veterinarians with knowledge of food supply medicine needed (more)
6/9/2010    Providing health insurance? You could be eligible for a tax credit

tax credit encourage small employers to offer health insurance coverage for the first time or maintain coverage they already have (more)
5/26/2010    AAHA releases standardized diagnostic terms for veterinary medicine

terms are now available without fee or royalty (more)
5/26/2010    USDA accepting applications for loan repayment program

participants may receive up to $25,000 in loan payments for each year of service (more)
5/26/2010    Vetsulin to become available in limited supply

supply available for a critical-need dog or cat that cannot be effectively managed on another insulin product (more)
5/25/2010    New financial policy builder available from NCVEI

communicate to your clients when payment is expected and what forms of payment are accepted at your practice (more)
5/12/2010    AVMA creates new Web-based externship locator

service currently lists hundreds of externships from across the country (more)
5/12/2010    Veterinarians stand ready to help with oil spill clean up

4/28/2010    FDA seeks comments on feed directive process

Veterinarians complain feed directive process is burdensome. (more)
4/13/2010    New grants aim to steer young veterinarians to bovine medicine

4/13/2010    World Veterinary Day to center on 'One World, One Health'

World Veterinary Day 2010, April 24, will raise awareness of the links between animal and public health. (more)
3/31/2010    Ophthalmologists to give free eye exam to service dogs

Third annual ACVO/Merial National Service Dog Eye Exam event during the entire month of May 2010. (more)
3/31/2010    Public comments sought for two new veterinary specialties

Animal welfare, parasitology groups move toward new recognition (more)
3/31/2010    Research examines British veterinarians' high suicide rate

According to the author, British veterinarians have "far and away the highest suicide rate of any other occupational group." (more)
2/23/2010    More information available on USDA accreditation changes

Here is the information veterinarians need for USDA accreditation changes. (more)
2/9/2010    Comments solicited for loan repayment program

Feedback is being solicited before the launch of a federal government program intended to fill a shortage of veterinarians working in needed areas. (more)
2/9/2010    Canine compulsive disorder gene identified

An international team of scientists from six different institutions have identified the gene associated with canine compulsive disorder (CCD), according to a recent study. (more)
2/9/2010    Legislature considers microchipping snakes

A Georgia senator is proposing a law requiring owners of certain reptiles to obtain a wild animal license and to microchip the animals. (more)
1/27/2010    Animal welfare organizations unite to support Haitian animals

Numerous animal aid and veterinary organizations across the United States are uniting under one coalition to help more than 5 million animals displaced by recent earthquakes in Haiti. (more)
1/12/2010    AAFP, AAHA develop new guidelines for feline healthcare

A growing decline of feline veterinary care in recent years had led to the development of a new set of guidelines for cat care by the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). (more)
1/12/2010    AVMA creates model certificate of veterinary inspection for companion animals

The AVMA Council on Veterinary Service has developed a model certificate of veterinary inspection for companion animals, primarily dogs and cats, to travel in the United States. (more)
1/12/2010    Have a difficult cat? Try "clipnosis"

Using two-inch standard binder clips to induce pressure on the neck, just behind the ear, the researchers obtained positive results. (more)
1/12/2010    Teva Animal Health, Inc. expands nationwide ketamine recall

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a nationwide voluntary recall of ketamine hydrochloride injectable (100mg/ml, 10 ml vials) manufactured by Teva Animal Health, Inc. (more)
11/11/2009    FDA issues health alert for pet treats

Advisory warns against using Pig Ears and Beef Hooves manufactured by Pet Carousel (more)
11/11/2009    FDA-CVM issues alert about problems with Vetsulin® insulin suspension

Vetsulin® may have varying amounts of crystalline zinc insulin in the formulation (more)
10/28/2009    Pfizer completes deal to acquire Fort Dodge Animal Health

According to Pfizer senior officials, the integration will take time but should appear seamless to its veterinarian customers. (more)
10/27/2009    Cat and dog food from three different manufacturers recalled

Several companies have recently recalled certain cat foods deficient in thiamine, dog foods containing mold, and dog foods that could contain plastic. (more)
9/30/2009    Universal microchip lookup tool available to find lost pets

New online tool searches many major pet microchip registries. (more)
9/30/2009    Department of Agriculture to host large animal rescue course

Course designed for veterinarians, technicians and emergency responders (more)
9/9/2009    Starting salaries up for new veterinarians

Average starting salary increased 5.2 percent from 2008, but not all news is good. (more)
9/9/2009    Veterinary services legislation introduced in congress

Bipartisan bill would expand veterinary services nationwide (more)
9/9/2009    Vote for last year's most bizarre pet insurance claim

A national pet insurer has collected the nation's most unusual claims for the last year. You don't want to miss these tales. (more)
8/25/2009    AVMA says Pew Commission report is flawed, unscientific

Veterinary association urges Congress to look at other information sources when deliberating antibiotic resistance issues (more)
7/8/2009    "Cat Tag" spay/neuter license plate now available

The Feline Friend license plate (also known as the Cat Tag) which is now available for $25 at tag offices throughout Georgia. (more)
7/8/2009    UGA College of Veterinary Medicine hires top immunobiologist

Dr. Donald Harn comes to UGA as a Georgia Research Alliance Distinguished Investigator. (more)
7/8/2009    Pet insurer reveals top plant poisonings in companion animals for 2008

Raisins and grapes topped the list. The average amount claimed for plant poisoning was $427. (more)
6/24/2009    APHIS issues conditional license for canine influenza virus vaccine

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service announced recently that it has issued a conditional license to Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health for a canine influenza virus vaccine. (more)
6/23/2009    FDA providing MUMS grants to aid new drug studies

The Food and Drug Administration is providing up to $750,000 for developers of drugs for animals listed as minor species or for minor uses in major species. (more)
6/23/2009    Missouri officials, FBI seeking two horses illegally removed from quarantine

The Missouri Department of Agriculture recently announced that two quarantined horses that tested positive for equine piroplasmosis were illegally removed from a Raytown, Mo. equine center, and a nationwide search has been initiated to find them. (more)
6/23/2009    Studies of veterinarians link occupational exposures to preterm delivery, birth defects

A recent study suggests that pregnant veterinarians have a higher risk for preterm delivery if they work long hours or perform surgery in the absence of a system for scavenging waste anesthetic gases. Another study indicates that occupational exposure to radiation or pesticides may increase the risk of birth defects. (more)
6/22/2009    Couple pleads guilty to role in 2007 pet food recall

The owners of a pet-food company implicated in the 2007 recall that is estimated to have killed about 4,000 pets pleaded guilty to some of the charges leveled against them. (more)
5/12/2009    AVMA does not support mandatory spay/neuter

The AVMA policy on "Dog and Cat Population Control" has been revised to express the Association's nonsupport for regulations or laws mandating spay/neuter of privately owned, nonshelter dogs and cats. (more)
5/11/2009    Federal agriculture officials holding meetings for feedback on animal ID system

Department of Agriculture officials have scheduled seven all-day meetings from May 14 to June 1 in cities across the country during which people can provide suggestions and comments on the system. (more)
4/8/2009    Atlanta named one of the top 10 cat friendliest cities

The list was compiled after reviewing the top 25 standard metropolitan areas for such data as cat ownership per capita, level of veterinary care, microchipping and cat-friendly local ordinances. (more)
4/7/2009    Study of cat diet leads to key nervous system repair discovery

Scientists studying a mysterious neurological affliction in cats have discovered a surprising ability of the central nervous system to repair itself and restore function. (more)
4/6/2009    UGA College of Veterinary Medicine honors two GVMA members

Dr. Eugene Maddox of Cairo earned a distiguished alumnus award, and Dr. Carla Case McCorvey received the Young Achiever Award. (more)
3/23/2009    Peanut product recall continues with additional bird suet products

The company has severed its relationship with the broker that supplied the PCA peanut meal (more)
3/23/2009    Veterinarians gain from federal omnibus bill

The veterinary profession has reason to cheer the $410 billion spending bill President Barack Obama signed March 11. (more)
3/11/2009    UGA researchers receive $1.1 million Department of Defense grant

Funding will help to develop vaccine against glanders and melioidosis, potential biological warfare agents (more)
3/11/2009    Merck, Schering-Plough merger announced

New corporation to retain Merck name makes the largest animal health company in the world. (more)
2/25/2009    AAHA releases new behavior guide

The guide offers practical, hands-on advice for veterinarians and team members to address behavior issues early on, and includes a CD with handouts practices can print and send home with pet owners. (more)
2/25/2009    Veterinarians at high risk for Q fever exposure

More than one-fifth of veterinarians screened in a study on Q fever had antibodies against the causative Coxiella burnetii, according to a recent article. (more)
2/10/2009    First veterinary case surfaces in giant food recall

Oregon dog tests positive for Salmonella typhimurium after ingesting tainted treats (more)
2/9/2009    Study finds insured visit and spend more at veterinarian

Eight-page guide helps veterinarians understand pet health insurance and how it could benefit their practices. (more)
2/9/2009    FARAD receives emergency funding

A long-running and crucial food safety program that began shutting down due to lack of government funding has been granted a last-minute financial stay of execution. (more)
2/1/2009    February is Pet Dental Health Month

Partnership of animal welfare organizations create nationwide campaign to raise awareness of dental health in animals. (more)
1/27/2009    New Cat Tag Unveiled

New Feline Friend license plate will benefit the Dog and Cat Sterilization Program. (more)
1/15/2009    Economy Tracker measures effect of economy on veterinary practices

Gain a better understanding of how the economic times are impacting your practice, your competitors and veterinary medicine overall. (more)
1/15/2009    Majority of pet owners not cutting back on veterinary care

New poll explores how the recession is impacting pet owners’ relationships with their animals. (more)
1/1/1900    AVMA funding initiatives to strengthen economics of the profession

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