Georgia Veterinary Practice Act

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Article 1. General Provisions

43-50-1. Short title
43-50-2. Legislative purpose
43-50-3. Definitions

Article 2. State Board of Veterinary Medicine

43-50-20. Establishment of board; appointment; terms of office; vacancies; eligibility; compensation; removal; meetings; officers
43-50-21. Powers of board    

43-50-30. License required to practice; veterinarian as employee
43-50-31. Application for examination
43-50-32. Examinations; notification of results; issuance of licenses and certificates of registration
43-50-33. Persons holding license on July 1, 2003
43-50-40. Expiration and renewal of license; practice after expiration; waiver of renewal fee; continuing professional education; inactive status
43-50-41. Refusal to grant license or registration; revocation of license or registration; discipline
43-50-42. Temporary licenses
43-50-43. Veterinary faculty licenses
43-50-44. Activities not prohibited
43-50-45. Unlawful practice; misdemeanor; injunctions; cumulative remedies
43-50-50. Purpose of part
43-50-51. Prohibited practices
43-50-52. Certificates of registration; applications; examinations; renewal; registration in another state; rules
43-50-53. Registration examinations; reactivation of registration
43-50-54. Supervision required; disciplinary actions; duties limited
43-50-55. Posting notice of use of veterinary technicians; identification of technicians; number limited
43-50-56. Responsibility of veterinarian


Article 3A. Veterinary Assistants

43-50-60. Purpose
43-50-61. Duties limited
43-50-62. Supervision required; utilization of assistants
43-50-63. Posting notice of use of veterinary assistants; identification of assistants
43-50-64. Responsibility of veterinarian

Article 4. Good Samaritan Treatment of Animals

43-50-80. Relief from liability for rendering emergency care

Article 5. Facilities and Equipment

43-50-90. Establishment of standards; rules; enforcement actions
43-50-91. Exemptions