Canine Influenza Update - May 20, 2015

H3N2, the new strain of Canine Influenza (dog flu) has been confirmed in Metro Atlanta. This is the same virus strain as the recent Chicago outbreak. We still do not know if this is an isolated dog, or if this will move into an outbreak. Thus far only one has been reported. We will keep Georgia dog owners updated as we know more.

Important Information

  • It is unknown if the currently available canine H3N8 flu vaccines will protect against influenza H3N2. You should consult your veterinarian when considering this or any other vaccine for your pet.
  • Pets are at more risk of exposure to dog flu in high density animal settings. To avoid possible exposure, look for alternatives to boarding, such as taking your pet with you, having it stay with a friend, or generally avoiding areas of dog density.
  • If you observe any of these symptoms, please call your veterinarian for next steps:
    • Soft, moist cough or dry cough
    • Sneezing and discharge from the eyes and/or nose
    • Lethargy
    • Reduced appetite
    • Fever

About Canine Influenza
Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs that is caused by an influenza A virus. In the U.S., canine influenza has been caused by two influenza strains; the well-established canine influenza strain (H3N8) or the new H3N2 strain that has recently been reported.

For more info, please visit Canine Influenza FAQ for Pet Owners.