GVMA Fall Conference

Thank you to our 2016 Fall exhibitors! This years event was our biggest yet, with over 500 attendees! We couldn't have done it without your support!

A few facts about our 2016 attendance:

  • We had 557 total attendees; we ended with 414 attendees in 2014 (the last license renewal year). 
  • Our highest attendance at a Fall Convention was also that year with 414 attendees
  • Over 86.17% of the attendees were Veterinarians, and of the total attendance, 47.03% were Associate Veterinarians and 29.62% were Practice Owners/Co-Owners.
  • Of our total registration, 76.66% were either Practice Owner/Co-Owners or Associate Veterinarians.

Next Years Conference

October 20 - 22
Marriott Century Center
Atlanta, GA

Please contact Billie Scroggs at billie@gvma.net for information on exhibiting at our next conference!