Individuals must be licensed to hold

the title of Veterinary Technician.


The Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine reviewed a number of unlicensed practice cases in April of 2016. During this time the Board became aware that a number of individuals are identifying themselves as veterinary technicians without holding the required license. The Georgia Veterinary Practice Act stipulates, "It is a violation of law for an individual to accept employment as a veterinary technician and/or hold themselves to be a veterinary technician in the state of Georgia without a valid license issued by this Board [O.C.G.A. 43-50-3(18)]."

To ensure that individuals are practicing veterinary medicine accordingly the Board recommends: 

  • Recent graduates of RVT programs should not identify themselves as technicians until their license process is completed.
  • State employment verification forms should be reviewed to ensure that an employer is not misidentifying veterinary staff.
  • Veterinary practices should only identify licensed staff as "veterinary technician."

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