GVMA Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA) Introduction

The GVMA now recognizes and certifies the designation of Certified Veterinary Assistant (CVA). This CVA program encourages

 A well trained staff is the key to a successful practice.

continuing education for veterinary medical personnel, enabling them to become more informed, skilled, and trusted members of the veterinary medical team.

CVA Program Features

  • Education Manual – A comprehensive training manual is available for individuals or an entire practice. The manual, consisting of educational text, exercises, and other learning experiences arranged in workbook style, includes 10 courses dealing with a wide variety of skills and competencies required for certification.
  • Skills Development – A CVA must demonstrate competency in dozens of foundational skills.
  • Work Experience – On-the-job training is an important element in this educational model. The CVA is required to accumulate 500 hours of practical, supervised work experience.
  • Testing – An comprehensive certification exam insures that CVAs possess a sound knowledge base.

CVA Program Benefits

Benefits to Veterinary Hospitals

  • Motivate current personnel to pursue veterinary medicine as a career, resulting in less turnover and investment in replacement and re-training efforts.
  • The CVA as part of your medical team demonstrates your practice’s commitment to training and education.
  • Use the comprehensive training manual as the foundation for your staff training program.
  • The CVA program offers real-time progress tracking and results.

Benefits to Certified Veterinary Assistant Applicant

  • Gain a sound knowledge base to be a more effective and valuable member of any veterinary medical team.
  • Hands-on experiences to demonstrate competency in dozens of foundational skills.
  • Work experience under the supervising DVM or RVT to utilize the materials being learned.
  • Solid foundation to explore further career opportunities in the veterinary medical field.

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