Department of Agriculture to host large animal rescue course

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is hosting a course on large animal emergency rescue October 27-28, 2009 at the Charlie Elliot Wildlife Conference Center and the GDA Mansfield Impound Facility. The AWARENESS LEVEL Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue (TLAER) training is an intensive two-day course featuring lecture, dynamic power point visuals, and student interaction with live demonstrations.

With 14 CE credits available, the course is applicable to veterinarians, veterinary technicians and
emergency responders.

The registration deadline is October 15, and the course is filled on a first come, first served basis. The registration fee of $125 includes lunch both days.


Tuesday, October 27
8 am - 5 pm

  • Introduction – Emergency and Disaster Preparedness
  • Basic Concepts in Large Animal Emergency Rescue
  • Review of Large Animal Behavior and Senses – Normal and Under Stress
  • Containment and Restraint of Large Animals (Physical and Chemical)
  • Introduction to Agro-terrorism, Foreign Animal
  • Disease, HAZMAT issues in TLAER
  • Introduction to Emergency Decontamination of Animals
  • Critical medical concerns during large animal incidents
  • The Incident Command System related to TLAER
  • Confined Space considerations in TLAER
  • The Roles of the Veterinarian, the Owner, Emergency Responders and Animal Transportation Incident Response Considerations
  • Introduction to Livestock Trailer Overturns & Response

Wednesday, October 28
8 am - 4 pm

  • Prevention and Response to Fire Scenarios (barns, wild fire, trailer fires)
  • Facility Evacuation Planning (emergencies and disasters)
  • Emergency Field Humane Euthanasia
  • Large Animal Ambulances
  • Simple Vertical Lifting employment considerations and equipment recommendations
  • The Rescue Glide employment considerations
  • Water & Surface Ice Rescue TLAER considerations (Pools, Flood & Swift water, Ravines, etc.)
  • Unstable Ground and Mud TLAER scenarios
  • Introduction to Large Animal Sling loading in Helicopter Operations
  • The Anderson Sling considerations
  • Overview of Basic and TLAER supplies and equipment
  • Access into Horse Trailers and Confined Spaces in TLAER
  • Forward Assist, Backwards Drag, Hampshire Slip & Sideways Drag Demonstration
  • Behavior, Approach, Basic Handling, Restraint and Leading Live Animals
  • Transport Extrication & Response considerations & cutting equipment
  • Overview of Heavy Rescue Rope and Mechanical
  • Advantage in TLAER
  • Employment of the Rescue Glide
  • Mud Rescue Equipment
  • Water Rescue Equipment

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