GVMA Veterinarian of the Year Award

This award honors the GVMA member who has made a significant contribution to the GVMA during his or her active years in the profession and the organization. Winners of this will be those who:

  • are active, dues paying or Life Members of the GVMA.

  • are of exemplary character and professional ethics.

  • have made significant contributions to the GVMA, constituent association, the veterinary profession, his/her community, college of veterinary medicine, and allied groups.

The award is presented each year during the Awards Night celebration at the GVMA Annual Convention. Any GVMA member can make a nomination to the Awards Committee. The Board shall make final selection from the names(s) submitted. Nominations are due each year by March 1.

Previous Winners

2015 Dr. Sheila W. Allen
2014 Dr. Myron O Downs
2013 Dr. Jim McClearen
2012 Dr. Timothy L. Montgomery
2011 Dr. Karen Wylie
2010 Dr. Beckey Malphus
2009 Dr. T. Lamar Walker
2008 Dr. Lee Myers
2007 Dr. Needham Bateman
2006 Dr. Eugene Maddox
2005 Dr. Doris Miller Liebl
2004 Dr. Keith W. Prasse, ACVP
2003 Dr. William D. Bush
2002 Dr. Jim Jarrett
2001 Dr. C. Carter Black, III
2000 Dr. Julian Veatch
1999 Dr. Randy Clayton
1998 Dr. Gary Bullard
1997 Dr. Milton Adsit
1996 Dr. Paul Hoffman
1995 Dr. Don W. McMillian, Sr.
1994 Dr. Horace Blalock
1993 Dr. John Cobb
1992 Dr. Larry Corry
1991 Dr. Fred & Dianne Davison
1990 Dr. Henry E. Bohn
1989 Dr. William F. Bozeman
1988 Dr. Joe B. Crane, Sr.
1987 Dr. Robert B. Phillips
1986 Dr. Troy B. Cobb
1985 Dr. W. J. (Dub) Greenway
1984 Dr. Paul J. Lindsey
1983 Dr. Harold Sharman
1982 Dr. Leroy Dorminy
1981 Dr. Jesse D. Derrick
1980 Dr. David P. Andrews
1979 Dr. Charles Rigdon
1978 Dr. Dennard Davis
1977 Dr. Herman Westmoreland
1976 Dr. A. B. Kamine
1975 Dr. James F. Anderson
1974 Dr. Murry E. Nunnery
1973 Dr. John Morton
1972 Dr. Thomas J. Jones
1971 Dr. Guy W. Eberhardt
1970 Dr. Horace Morgan
1969 Dr. Charles N. Dobbins, Jr.
1968 Dr. Felix Smith
1967 Dr. Grady Young
1966  Dr. J. T. Mercer
1965 Dr. James L. Smalley
1964 Dr. L. J. Hopping, Sr.
1963 Dr. David M. Howard
1962 Dr. John T. Riddle
1961 Dr. A. M. Mills
1960 Dr. C. C. vonGremp
1959 Dr. Edwin D. King, Jr.
1958 Dr. Charles C. Rife
1957 Dr. W. F. McClendon
1956 Dr. J. E. Severin
1955 Dr. R. O. Barnes
1954 Dr. John W. Salter