Should I get an individual membership or a hospital membership?

Whether you obtain an individual or hospital membership, the benefits to each veterinarian are the same. The hospital membership simply allows hospitals to sign up all veterinarians in the practice at a group discount rate. Hospital membership is a great way to ensure that every veterinarian in the practice has access to the latest veterinary news and research. It’s also an affordable extra benefit that the practice can offer to prospective associates.

Additional Hospital Membership Benefit

  • Additional discounts on DVM and non-DVM registrations to conferences, webinars, and Traveling CE.
  • A digital practice handbook that will include regulations, laws, & other vital information in one convenient location.
  • Webinars on topics such as communication, practice management, & business.


What if a veterinarian leaves or joins the practice during the year?

If a veterinarian who is registered as a member of the GVMA as part of a Hospital membership leaves the hospital during the course of the membership year, that veterinarian remains a member for the duration of the membership year.

  • A veterinarian hired by a member hospital to replace a departing veterinarian during the membership year automatically becomes a member at no additional cost to the hospital, if he/she was not already a member.  It is the responsibility of the hospital to ensure that the involved veterinarians update membership information with the GVMA so that the membership roles of the GVMA reflect the accurate number of doctors under their hospital membership.  The GVMA will only be able to enroll the number of doctors for which the membership has been paid.
  • Added Bonus! Each member hospital is also entitled to add one more veterinarian (in addition to any veterinarians hired to replace departed veterinarians) as a member during the course of the year at no additional charge.
  • If more than one additional veterinarian joins the hospital during the course of the year, and the veterinarian is not already a member of the GVMA, the hospital would be required to register the veterinarian as a member by paying the required fee for an additional veterinarian.

What if I prefer an individual membership?
Obtaining a Hospital membership is completely optional and you may still choose to join the GVMA as an individual.

What about The Georgia Veterinarian, accessing member services, etc.?
Every veterinarian in a member hospital will receive their own copy of The Georgia Veterinarianmagazine, and have access to all of the services offered to individual members.

How do I apply for a Hospital membership?
You may complete this online application or download the membership form here.

If you apply online you will be required to assign an organization code for your hospital or clinic and create a password (for example: Org Code - Main Street Animal Hospital; Password - MainStreetVets). The organization code must be established by the first veterinarian utilizing this online system and is required for the addition of any remaining veterinarians to your hospital membership. This ensures the discounted rate for additional veterinarians and that all members are added to the same account.

Instructions for adding additional veterinarians will be provided upon establishing the initial hospital account.

What if I have questions about the Hospital membership option?
If you have any questions about this new membership option, please contact the GVMA office by phone at (678) 309-9800 or 1-800-853-1625 (toll free), or by email at