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Pets RXercise makes wellness a walk in the park.

Exercise is one of the easiest (and enjoyable) activities owners and dogs can engage in to lose weight. The Georgia Veterinarian Medical Association and Georgia State Parks are making it even easier with Pets RXercise.  Your patients and their owners can redeem an RXercise prescription for a free park pass at any Georgia State Park. With over 60 locations across the state, our State Parks offer a wide variety of exercise options, from level, paved paths to more challenging, natural trails. That means, with your advice, your clients can select an exercise opportunity that’s convenient and suitable for their dog’s needs.

And research conducted by Georgia State Parks indicates that visitors who discover the recreational pleasures of their local park are like to re-visit. This suggests we have an opportunity to effect change long term.


Parks such as Red Top Mountain State Park near Cartersville is a dog’s paradise, with six different trails, ranging in length from half a mile to five and a half miles.

No matter how long the walk, a nature trail is the perfect place to do it.  Grass and dirt doesn’t absorb heat like hard surfaces in urban environments do, so a dog’s delicate pads aren’t as likely to be burned in the summer months. The softer surfaces also go easier on ligaments and bones, particularly in dogs whose exercise has been limited to romps on the backyard grass. 10

When it comes to nature and workouts, dogs are enthusiastic participants. Which makes Pets RXercise a valuable incentive to losing weight.


Exercise Guidelines

Purina Veterinary Diets has created valuable resources that discuss some guidelines for canine workouts.  Click here to review this helpful information.

These guidelines have been developed to ensure the exercise recommendations are as safe and effective as possible. Among these useful information such as:

Before recommending a certain exercise, consider the dog’s needs and present physical condition. Leisurely walks may be best for an older dog while a young dog has ample energy for a vigorous exercise program.11

Starting a morbidly obese canine on a strenuous regimen can cause pulled muscles, arthritis, and in some cases catastrophic injuries to the joints and muscles.  In such cases, a short walk, three times a week is recommended. 10

Dogs that are just starting a regular exercise program should go slowly at first. Begin with short periods of activity at slow speeds and gradually increase the time, speed and distance.


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