Welcome to Pets RXercise

A unique program designed raise awareness of canine obesity and provide useful information about managing your dog’s weight.

Research has linked obesity to a number of serious health issues, some even life threatening. But, just as with human obesity, there are many causes for a dog carrying excess and unhealthy amounts of weight. These range from genetics and medical conditions to exercise and nutrition. That's why it's so important to engage your local veterinarian in assessing your dog's condition and determining a customized program of treatment. If you are looking for a veterinarian in your area, click here.

Click here to download a larger mapOf course, almost all dogs (and their owners) will benefit from increased physical activity. Daily walks improve the physical and mental states, in addition to providing more quality time for pets and owners to enjoy together. And there is no better place to explore the benefits of walking than Georgia's beautiful State Parks. All 46 parks and recreation sites welcome dogs on leashes. Many even offer dog-friendly cottages! From paved paths to wooded trails, you'll find the perfect level of exercise for you and your dog away from the urban crowds and commercial development. And if you present an RXercise Prescription from your veterinary clinic, you'll receive a park pass for your dog and family, free! That's a $5 value. To find and park and plan your next exercise adventure, click here.

So ask your veterinary clinic about the Pets RXercise program. The information you learn may prove invaluable for giving your dog a healthier, happier life. And you'll learn that starting a fitness program can be a walk in the park, for free!

To find a GVMA animal clinic near you, click here. To locate the closest Georgia State Park, click here.  


  • 2015 Emerald Coast Veterinary Conference

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