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An innovative program that offers tools and resources to address the increase in weight-related health issues.

Canine obesity is a silent killer. Too few pet owners recognize their dog is at risk and seek medical treatment. And given the newness of research in this area, many medical professionals aren’t fully aware of all the health-related complications. The truth is, obesity brings with it a whole host of potential  problems that can be life threatening. This has never been as timely for practices like yours, because according to recent estimates, thirty to fifty percent of all U.S. dogs are overweight.

43 Million Dogs In The US Are Overweight1

Even amidst these alarming trends, there is reason to be hopeful. When diagnosed and treated properly – with options ranging from exercise and nutrition to pharmacology – many health effects can be reversed. This makes the goal of prevention and intervention an even greater priority.

This program site and the Pets RXercise kit are dedicated to raising awareness of canine obesity and the treatment options at your disposal. Through the following pages, you will discover information and tools that will enable you to educate owners and help your patients’ live happier, healthier and longer lives.

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Prescriptions can be redeemed at any Georgia State Park for a freepass ($5 value).

The Pets RXercise Program is an innovative partnership between The Georgia Veterinary Medical Association and the Georgia State Parks. It recognizes that increasing outdoor activity is universally beneficial for pets and their owners. It’s our hope that the program, and the incentive you can provide clients via the RXercise prescription, will serve to facilitate an important conversation about healthy weight management. Every prescription you write serves as a free pass (for the family and pet) into one of Georgia’s 62 State Parks, a $5 value!

Georgia’s Beautiful State Parks Are The Perfect Place For Pets And People To Get ExerciseClick here for a larger map

Of course, exercise is likely to be a key component of any treatment plan. We believe that the RXercise prescription, good for a free Georgia State Parks Pass, is perfect way for pet owners to rediscover the physical and emotional benefits of walking their dogs in a natural environment. Yet for too many dogs, exercise alone won’t achieve the required health outcome. With this in mind, we have collected valuable tools and information to help you identify at-risk patients and determine the most effective program of treatment.

Our program partners have committed considerable resources to better understanding the causes, effects and effective weight loss programs. Both Purina Veterinary Diets (through their Project: Pet Slim Down) and Pfizer Animal Health (through their Stop Canine Obesity program) have developed resources to support you, the medical professional. On these Web pages (see the left-hand navigation on this site), you’ll find these assets organized, to help you access the most up-to-date science and determine the appropriate weight loss regimen. In addition to exercise, this might involve nutrition management, pharmacology or both.


You’ll have access to the most current findings, from the fields of nutrition and pharmacology.

We believe the most effective tool against canine obesity is a well-educated, medical professional, and we have provided plenty of background information to assist you. To this end, you will find educational CE options for your entire veterinary team.

While the information provided is meant to arm you to combat the disease of obesity, we realize that treatment actually begins with a conversation between you and your client. For many reasons, medical staff may be reluctant to bring up the subject of obesity and weight loss. The next section will explore this reality. For now, let’s just put this important conversation in the context of the actual health threat:

*Obese canines are at a greater risk for osteoarthritis  respiratory disease, intervertebral disk disease, surgical and anesthetic complications, and various forms of cancer. 2-8
*Obese dogs age faster.
*Obesity can take an average of two years off the life of a dog.9



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