Check Your License Status!!!

Check Your License Status!!!

The GVMA office has received a number of calls from veterinarians that have recently found out that their Georgia veterinary license is not current. Please go to the veterinary licensing board website (NOT and look for the button that says “Licensure Search”. There, you want to select “Veterinary Medicine” under “Profession” and search by your last name or license number. If the status of your license is “Active” breathe a sigh of relief – you’re still a licensed veterinarian.

For those that have a status of “Lapsed” or anything other than “Active” your license is not current. This means you are technically an unlicensed professional and it also means you need to stop practicing veterinary medicine IMMEDIATELY.

The other thing you should do immediately is go to the Forms page on the licensing board website and download the Reinstatement for Veterinarians application. Technically, because it is past their 3-month renewal grace period you are not renewing your license, you are applying to get it reinstated. Completing this application is the first step in getting your license back. The process is not quick (it’s the State) so the quicker you can be the sooner you will be licensed again.

What you will need for the reinstatement application:

  • $600 reinstatement fee
  • Proof of CE hours (30 required in the past 2 years)
  • Completed Georgia Law Exam (all answers must be correct but it is “open book” so go online and find the answers)
  • A 2” x 2” passport photo taken within the past year. If you do not have one go to Walmart, Walgreens or anywhere that provides passport photos.
  • A notary (yes – to add another degree of difficulty your completed application needs to be notarized.)
  • A 9” x 12” envelope to put your unstapled documents in before mailing (we suggest overnight) it to the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine, 237 Coliseum Drive, Macon, GA 31217.
  • Other State licensure certification – If you are or have ever been licensed in another State(s), please have that/those State(s) officially certify that license directly to the State Board’s office.

Other Helpful Info

Remember, if your license is lapsed you are not technically a veterinarian (or licensed technician) and you cannot perform those duties until your license is re-activated. Practicing with a lapsed license may result in disciplinary action including a hefty fine or license revocation. To stay useful to your practice familiarize yourself with the Scope of Practice for Veterinary Assistants, because technically that is what you are for the time being.

The State Board must review all reinstatement applications before the license can be re-activated and they do this at their Board meetings. The next meeting is a teleconference on May 25 and a Board meeting on June 21. It can take several days after the meetings for those approved applications to be processed and for your license to be activated.

Please be careful in completing all applications, and you should expect a consent order from their legal department, as any incomplete or incorrect applications will be sent back to you, resulting in further delays.

Send questions to the State Board – The Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine is the state licensure board and all questions concerning licensure should go to them first. You can email them here or call (478) 207-2440. We understand that State agencies can often be difficult to reach. If you have tried and failed to get the answers you need, the GVMA is here to help you. Call our office at (678) 309-9800 or