The AVMA needs your comments.

The AVMA needs your comments.

The AVMA is soliciting input on its Model Veterinary Practice Act (MVPA), which is undergoing its regularly scheduled, five-year review. They have asked that the GVMA solicit its membership for comments on the revisions proposed as well as other any other aspects of the MVPA or its commentaries. (Download the file here)


In addition, AVMA would like input on the following topics:

·       Best practices for state rules and regulations.

·       Whether you prefer more detail in the practice act itself, or prefer to leave specifics to rules associated with the practice act.

·       VCPR in multi-doctor practices (how does the VCPR impact when a client sees a different practitioner in the practice, or calls for a refill and the practitioner who initiated the VCPR is not available)

·       Record keeping comment section – possibly to list what should be included because some state acts may be vague, including that for telemedicine

·       Issues related to practicing without a license (e.g. Equine dentistry; Physical therapy and other non-traditional therapies by non-veterinarians; Embryo transfer)

·       Are there new items that should be added to the MVPA, or are there items in the MVPA that are no longer needed?


As the MVPA is quite extensive, it is important to note the specific section(s) of the MVPA for which each of your comments pertain. Following these guidelines would be very helpful:

·       To recommend specific, alternative wording, utilize the standard of striking out wording to be removed, and underlining wording to be added, OR utilize the “Track Changes” option in MS Word that will do the underlining and strikeout for you.

·       To make comments on a certain section of the MVPA, highlight the section/wording that is being referenced and utilize the “New Comment” option under the “Review” tab in MS Word, OR reference the specific section(s) (e.g., Section 2, Commentary, and provide the suggestion).


Please email all changes by September 15 to GVMA Associate Director Scott Piper at