The practice act gets an upgrade – and your feedback is requested

The practice act gets an upgrade – and your feedback is requested

Many of us change haircuts and wardrobes at least once a decade, but yet somehow the Veterinary Practice Act endures through spandex and pleated slacks. Why? That was the question members of the State Board of Veterinary Medicine and the GVMA asked themselves, and in light of the fact that their two national parent associations (AAVSB and AVMA) had both recently created their own Model Veterinary Practice Acts, perhaps it was time to give the Georgia Veterinary Practice Act its first true upgrade since 2003.

The Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine spearheaded a committee of volunteers from the veterinary profession and industry to review the current practice act and make recommendations for improvements. The committee has met on numerous occasions to review each section, line and word that constitutes the practice act. As these are the laws that govern the profession and the practice of veterinary medicine, much consideration was given to each section, examining each sentence and scrutinizing each word.

The Model Practice Act from the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) had the feedback of more than 60 licensing boards in North America. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) spent more than 2 years with feedback from every state in the nation, to create its Model Practice Act. These two documents were instrumental in helping guide the changes to the Georgia Act.

The GVMA has posted the most current version of the proposed Veterinary Practice Act and is currently seeking comment from Georgia Veterinarians. Please direct any questions or comments about the practice act review to GVMA Associate Director Scott Piper at or 678-309-3272 (direct) by November 15.