News from the Capitol: Confidentiality of Vet Records

News from the Capitol: Confidentiality of Vet Records


Every week the GVMA will highlight a bill we are following in the State Legislature that affects veterinary medicine. This week we are highlighting HB40.

by Dr. Wendy Cuevas

HB 40: Confidentiality of Veterinary Records by Rep. Scot Turner, R-Holly Springs

Pending in the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee

House Bill 40 requires a veterinarian to disclose the rabies vaccination history of any animal in the veterinarian’s care to the physician caring for a person bitten by that animal.  The veterinarian has 24 hours from receipt of the written request from the physician to supply the vaccination history.  This version is identical to the compromise the Association reached with the author in 2016, which limited the scope of the request to rabies.  The author has indicated he wants to pursue passage of the bill again this year.

What this means: You, the veterinarian, will need to provide the rabies vaccination history of your clients pet should it bite someone. This information will need to be provided within 24 hours of the request from the attending physician.