Day At The Capitol Recap

Day At The Capitol Recap

2018 was our best attendance yet for Veterinarians’ Day at the Capitol, with nearly 100 registered!

Here the group lines up on the steps of the capitol, on their way to view the session of Georgia’s House of Representatives, where veterinarians were honored.

Though there are too many to name in this photo, two notables include: Dr. Kent McClure (2nd from right in front), Chief of Governmental Relations at American Veterinary Medical Association, who informed the group of federal issues in veterinary medicine, and who had high praise for the event. Representative Tom McCall (in the middle of the group) is the Chair of the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee and is the lead sponsor for the Veterinary Practice Act, introduced this session.

Attendees enjoyed free breakfast and lunch, and 5 hours of continuing education, while learning about and witnessing all the GVMA does in legislative and government relations, including local, state, and federal issues in veterinary medicine. From left to right, Dr. Jocelyn Sumbry, Dr. Jacqueline Lowe-Brown, Dr. Karen Poteete, Dr. Rani Kamal, and Dr. Daniella Bender is just peeking into view. With presentations from many key leaders in Georgia’s veterinary community, we know the group learned a great deal about the state of veterinary medicine in our state.


GVMA President-elect Dr. Mike Zager (right) from Ellijay visits with Representative Rick Jasperse (R-Dist. 11) from Jasper, GA. Registrants at Day at the Capitol were encouraged to invite their legislator to join us for lunch at the Freight Depot, adjacent the capitol. More than a dozen legislators were in attendance or presented to the group. Registrants also met with their legislators at the capitol, promoting the Veterinary Practice Act, introduced by the GVMA to the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee in February. GVMA will monitor the Veterinary Practice Act throughout the legislative process, until it is hopefully signed into law by Governor Deal this year.