Crossover Day Passes – 10 Days Remain

Crossover Day Passes – 10 Days Remain

The much anticipated Crossover Day is now behind us. Bills that passed the House may be considered by the Senate, and vice versa. This also means that bills that did not pass either chamber are essentially dead for 2018, save for some legislative shenanigans.

Ten legislative days remain, although Sine Die (the last day of the session) does not come until March 29. This leaves plenty of time for legislative wrangling, and GVMA will be monitoring all of it through the session’s end.

The Veterinary Practice Act (H.B. 956), which was initiated by the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine and supported by the GVMA, passed the House on February 28. Some minor changes must be made for GVMA to continue its support, but we forge ahead with our mission to advance veterinary medicine in Georgia.

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