Practice Act Update Passes At 11th Hour Of Session

Practice Act Update Passes At 11th Hour Of Session

One of the House’s last actions at 11:57 pm on Thursday was to give final passage to HB 956, which updates the Georgia Veterinary Practice Act!

HB 956 was put forth by the Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine who then asked the GVMA to spearhead the initiative in the legislature. HB 956 is a landmark update and modernization of the Veterinary Practice Act. The legislation is the product of a coalition of stakeholders including large animal veterinarians, companion animal veterinarians, academia and the agribusiness community.

Thursday’s adjournment is only a temporary respite from our legislative efforts.  Governor Nathan Deal now has forty days to review and act on bills that passed the legislature.

This has been a priority of the Association’s for the last year and required countless hours from professionals, staff, the agribusiness community, lawmakers and the advocacy team to craft legislation and shepherd it through the legislative process.  Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in its success!


Look for more information in the Week-12_GVMA Legislative Report.