Medical Minute With Dr. Wendy: Rabies Vaccine Usage

Medical Minute With Dr. Wendy: Rabies Vaccine Usage

by Dr. Wendy Cuevas, BS, BVSc, MPH, DACVPM
GVMA Director of Veterinary Services

Veterinarians please review the following communication from the GA Department of Agriculture:

The Department is proposing to amend Rule-40-16-1-.09 by removing the reference to “Strain 19” and by removing the provision allowing rabies vaccine to be used “under the direction of” any veterinarian licensed under the Georgia Veterinary Practice Act and “employees of the state and federal government approved by the State Veterinarian.”

It is basically clarifying the language to ensure that only a licensed GA veterinarian can administer the rabies vaccine. The previous language could make an assumption that anyone working under the supervision of a veterinarian could administer the rabies vaccine.

Please review the attached Notice-and-Synopsis-Hazardous-Biologicals to comment.