Q&A with Andrea Dunnings, DVM, and Rita Kuhn, RVT

Q&A with Andrea Dunnings, DVM, and Rita Kuhn, RVT

Why did you become a practice owner?

I became a practice owner because I had a vision for how I wanted to utilize my team. When I first started practicing most clinics were doctor centered which usually meant that most support staff were under-utilized. I think people enjoy their jobs more when they are stimulated and enjoy what they are doing. I believe education leads to empowerment. With proper knowledge team members are better able to help our clients and support the doctors.

Culture seems to be a very important part of your clinic. Explain the culture of East Atlanta Animal Clinic.

I would describe our culture as one of cooperative teamwork which happens to be one of our core values. In order to maintain the culture, it is imperative that we hire the right people. Rita is an integral part of the recruitment process. We each assess attributes of the candidate during the interview phases. If either of us detects anything questionable or unsettling it usually means “no”.

Your clinic recently started using telemedicine. Can you explain how it’s utilized at your practice and the feedback you have received so far?

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