Why You Need to Attend the One Health Symposium

Why You Need to Attend the One Health Symposium

by Dr. Wendy Cuevas, BS, BVSc, MPH, DACVPM , GVMA Director of Veterinary Services

Happy New Year Veterinarians and welcome to 2019!

The GVMA and University of Georgia-College of Veterinary Medicine invite you to the first annual One Health Symposium; January 31 – February 1, 2019.

We just finished a renewal year and many of you don’t want to think about CE right now.

But, this One Health meeting will be talking about issues you deal with every day as a veterinarian and health professional.

We will explore the roles of health care and veterinary professionals and address these public health challenges.

Here are some good reasons to attend:

  • Bringing together vets and health professionals to show commonalities
  • Working together for the common good of animal health, public health, global health
  • Really cool topics- opioid crisis, rabies, psittacosis, antimicrobial resistance, salmonella, environmental contaminants and wildlife
  • Great speakers
  • Located in the Great city of Athens
  • Get a head start on LEAP and CE
  • Discuss issues affecting humans and animals

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