Contact Your Senator About the Veterinary Nurse Initiative!

Contact Your Senator About the Veterinary Nurse Initiative!


Senate Bill 76 passed out of the Senate Agriculture Committee before recess on a 16-1 vote. This is a BIG VICTORY for Georgia veterinary technicians and the veterinary nurse initiative! This could not have been accomplished without a strong grassroots effort by the GVTA and GVMA.

We are not across the finish line in the Senate yet. Human nurses have been busy reaching out to Senate members asking that SB 76 not be passed. We need to ask our Senators to support SB 76.

Your Action is Needed! 

Email your senator asking for their support (be sure to include your mailing address)
Utilize the following points:

    • The title “registered veterinary nurse” more accurately reflects the true nature of our services in the veterinary practice. It allows the public to better understand our role, training, and scope of abilities.
  • The bill specifically indicates that there is no change to the scope of practice or certification credentials required for this position; it is a name change only.

Call your Senator and leave a voicemail

  • Every voicemail counts! Use the above points in your messaging. Rarely do legislative offices return voicemails, so please don’t be afraid to call the offices!

Find Your Georgia Senator:

1. Go to and enter your address, or
2. Go to if you know your district number.
3. Click on the Senator’s name – This will bring up his/her information.
(Be sure to include your address in the email and/or the voice message; this is how the Senator knows that you are a constituent in their district)