News From the Capitol: The Final Week

News From the Capitol: The Final Week

Laws that can negatively impact veterinarians, animals, or animal health should never be passed. Your GVMA membership gives our profession a voice. Together, we’re able to keep veterinary medicine in our state uncompromised.


Legislative Day 40                                                                                                          April 3, 2019


At the stroke of midnight on April 2, the General Assembly concluded the 2019 session.  The Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House gaveled the session to a close concurrently as legislators, their family and staff members tossed homemade confetti around the chambers.

Governor Brian Kemp now has forty days to review and act on the bills that passed the legislature.  Those that did not make it to the Governor remain eligible for consideration again in the 2020 General Assembly.

The conclusion of session is just a temporary respite from legislative action.  The House and Senate will delve into legislation that did not pass this year, in some cases doing so as part of an official study committee.  Your Government Affairs Team will be engaged as these policy issues are deliberated in the coming months.


Priority Issues

SB 75: Professional Health Program                                                   Sen. Ellis Black, R-Valdosta

Eligible for Enactment by the Governor

This legislation allows the state board, via the Secretary of State’s Office, to contract with a professional health program to provide rehabilitative services to impaired veterinarians.  A similar program exists but it limited to physicians and other professionals licensed by the Georgia Composite Medical Board.


In an effort to move ahead with provisions in the now-lost practice act update (SB 76), the Association worked with the sponsor and Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee to amend SB 75 to include a veterinary technician on the state board.  The amendment was adopted by the Committee and is now included as part of SB 75.

Complete Legislative Report: