News From the Capitol: Week 10

News From the Capitol: Week 10

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Legislative Days 36-39                                                                                              March 29, 2019


Only Sine Die Remains

The 2019 session of the General Assembly is nearly over: after legislators conclude their business this evening, only sine die remains next Tuesday, April 2.  Accordingly, activity at the Capitol is harried as lawmakers and lobbyists make a final push to the finish line.

As is always the case this time of year, bills are hi-jacked, gutted and loaded with new language to resurrect otherwise lifeless legislation.  A significant portion of legislative policy happens in this manner as the session wanes.  Because of this, the status of issues can change rapidly.


Priority Issues

SB 75: Professional Health Program                                                   Sen. Ellis Black, R-Valdosta

Eligible for Enactment by the Governor

This legislation allows the state board, via the Secretary of State’s Office, to contract with a professional health program to provide rehabilitative services to impaired veterinarians.  A similar program exists but it limited to physicians and other professionals licensed by the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

In an effort to move ahead with provisions in the now-lost practice act update (SB 76), the Association worked with the sponsor and Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee to amend SB 75 to include a veterinary technician on the state board.  The amendment was adopted by the Committee and is now included as part of SB 75.

The House adopted the measure on March 26 and the Senate agreed to the modifications made in the House on March 28, sending it to the Governor.

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