news from the capitol- Midway

news from the capitol- Midway

Legislative Days 17 – 21

Lawmakers will shift their attention away from introducing bills and towards the vetting process. The level of activity will only increase as the session races towards Crossover Day on Thursday, March 12.

Priority Issues

Professional Health Program (SB 346)              Sen. Ellis Black, R-Valdosta

Favorably reported from the Senate Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee on Feb-25

SB346 comes at the request of the Association.  It allows the state board to contract with a professional health program to provide rehabilitative services to impaired veterinarians.  Additionally, the measure creates a seat on the state board for a veterinary technician. Thanks to Dr. Justin Toth for traveling to Atlanta on February 25 to appear before the Committee and testify in support of the measure.

Mandatory Microchip Scans (HB 866)   Rep. Andy Welch, R-McDonough

Pending in the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee

As introduced, HB 866 requires a veterinarian or veterinary technician to:

  • Scan each animal that receives care for a microchip,
  • Contact the microchip company to determine what ownership information it has on file for the animal, and
  • Report to the Department of Agriculture, animal control officer, law enforcement agency, or prosecuting attorney if the microchip information indicates a different owner than the individual presenting the animal for treatment.

The Association met with the sponsor on February 13 and provided him with written comments and suggested revisions on February 24.  He indicated he is working on substitute language but it was not yet ready to be distributed.