PIN Requirements For CareCredit

PIN Requirements For CareCredit


In Governor Kemp’s “Shelter In Place” Executive Order issued on April 2, he requested PIN numbers not be used when making credit cards transactions to mitigate the exposure and spread of COVID-19.

This is listed as #16 in his measures for Critical Infrastructure Business to implement to mitigate the spread of of COVID-19: ” Suspending the use of Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) pads, PIN entry devices, electronic signature capture, and any other credit card receipt signature requirements to the extent such suspension is permitted by agreements with credit card companies and credit agencies;”

The GVMA has been contacted by our members about CareCredit transactions since PIN numbers are a transaction requirement. We reached out to Care Credit about this and they are willing to make an accommodation.

“Pay My Provider” Option:

Clients may pay set-up and pay their bill online without physically interacting with veterinary clinic staff through the “Pay My Provider” option.

From CareCredit: “In recent days we have heard from many CareCredit providers about the challenges you’re experiencing and how we can help support you during this difficult time. We appreciate this feedback and are using it to make it easier for you to access pertinent CareCredit resources and information on how to contact us.

In response, we have created a dedicated Coronavirus page on the CareCredit website. You can bookmark this page for quick access to our latest updates, links to tools and documents, and multiple ways to reach us. “

If your location is currently closed or limiting interactions in person, it may help to give patients or clients the option to pay their bill online. Pay My Provider allows cardholders to pay you anytime, anywhere.*

In addition to consulting the new Coronavirus page for information, you can reach us in several ways:
• Online, for Provider questions and support: Provider Contact Center

• Online, for Consumer questions and support:

• By phone, for Provider questions and support: (800) 859-9975. Please note that wait times may be longer than usual due to high call volumes. “

In direct response to not using the PIN, please note: Clients can select which payment terms they would like at check out.  This is not customary for most animal hospitals, since some payment terms come with higher fees to the merchant than others.  There is a way to turn this feature off, but the merchant may need some guidance from Care Credit on how to setup this feature. Please utilize one of the ways above to contact CareCredit concerning this.